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Championing every woman's individuality, our SS22 campaign celebrates real stories.

My life in Flex Smart. It's Personal.


Inspired by the many different roles women play in daily life, Flex Smart is a versatile, multi-purpose essential. Beyond the functional and physical, beyond being a mother, a friend, a sister or daughter — the freedom to be yourself is both a powerful and indescribable feeling. It’s the most intimate. It’s ever-changing. It’s personal.

As a brand that’s made intimate wear for women since 1886, what does dedication look like today? We can’t assume the needs and feelings of every woman. We’re not pretending the unique complexities of life can be solved with bras or underwear. But true comfort can make it a little easier.


Each of the women highlighted in our campaign tell their own story. We are all viewed differently by the loved ones in our lives. And each perspective is a facet of ourselves. But what about the way we see ourselves? This point of view deserves time in the spotlight too.


“I think being proud of stuff is always a little bit strange, but I recently won an award for a music video I created, it gave me that confidence that I think I needed.”

Abby is a filmmaker and actor.


“The people I love see me in different ways. My family knows that multitasking isn’t my strong suit, but I hope she always sees me trying, even when I’m not the best at it. I don’t always get it right, but I just figure it out.”

Sianon is a proud mum.


“I feel so comfortable wearing this...It also makes me feel very flexible and strong, like I could do anything."

Naomi is a presenter and author.


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