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Designed to optically reduce busts by one cup size, our minimiser bras maximise confidence.

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What is a minimiser bra?

A minimiser bra is designed to optically reduce the appearance of the bust by one cup size. All minimisers contain underwire and are unpadded to create a lovely, rounded silhouette. Our range of minimiser bras typically starts in C or D cups and runs up to F or G cups. Discover our complete range of minimiser bras!

What is the best minimiser bra?

We offer so many minimiser options to cater for all tastes - if you like bright colours and lace, our Lacy Minimiser will be perfect for you! Prefer something with sexy, sheer details then our Sheer Minimiser Bra is for you! Our customers' favourites include the Embroidered Minimiser and Contouring Sensation Minimiser.

Do minimiser bras really work?

The name Minimiser can be a little bit confusing. Minimisers reduce the projection and circumference of the bust. They do this by redistributing the breast tissue of the bust through the shape of the wire and the cup. They are also fantastic if you want to wear a button-down shirt.

Do minimiser bras have padding?

All of our Minimiser bras are non-padded and offer high shaping for larger busts, except for the Cardio Cloud Minimiser Sports Bra which has a lightly padded spacer cup.

When to wear a minimiser bra?

A minimiser can be worn anytime you like- perfect for everyday wear and works particularly well under buttoned garments (it helps to minimise bust projection allowing buttoned seams to sit smoother).


We believe that every woman deserves to have a perfectly fitting bra. No digging in. No slipping straps. No leaving marks. Just pure comfort. Try our Bra Size Calculator to find your perfect fit, or use our online fitting guide for expert size & style advice.